If there is anything besides shows and over the top partying that Las Vegas does right, it is food.
If you can dream it up, there is probably a restaurant for it in Vegas, and a good one. Las Vegas
used to be famous for inexpensive travel stop chow, but no longer. Every cuisine you can
imagine is available at every price point from everywhere.
When you need a break from the bright lights and flash, look around at what all Las Vegas has to
offer in the area. One of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., Las Vegas is situated a
comfortable drive from the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks. It is five hours to greater
L.A., sits right below the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead recreation areas, and if you have missed
Valley of Fire State Park, you have missed a beautiful, surreal landscape of hoodoos, beehives,
undulating fiery colored stone and quiet. There are parks, amusements, museums (The Clark
County Historical Museum is considered one of the best in the West… think The Beard of
Wisdom) and even one dedicated to neon and another to cactus. There is something for
everyone in the Las Vegas area.
When you are out exploring our beautiful region, you will notice a lot of Mexican influence. We
are very proud of our heritage and have a lot of locals as well as visitors from Mexico. Mexican
food in Las Vegas is readily available, but sometimes it has been Americanized or Tex-Mexed.
Some folks like it, but if you want a real experience with authentic Mexican food, you can find it
in Las Vegas.
First, when you do a search for “Mexican Restaurant Las Vegas” notice where they are in town.
Get away from the Strip and the high tourist volume areas and look for neighborhoods. The best
Mexican food in Law Vegas will be in an area where the locals eat, where they go to unwind
after their shift at the casino for huge margaritas during a generous happy hour, and where the
specials are a good value. They also will eat and drink where the food is authentic, fresh, hand
made, and seasoned like it should be.
That means not blistering hot – unless you really want it that way. True Mexican food uses a
large variety of chilies and seldom is so caliente you cannot taste anything but the volcano.
There should also be a very good variety not only of dishes but proteins, vegetables, seafood,
and sauces on the menu. Mexico has seven very distinct regions of cooking styles and the
primary ingredients vary. You should be able to find a place that brings the recipes and care
from the home country to a local, neighborhood place in Las Vegas that hosts everything from
families and fun in a colorful environment to a solid music and bar scene on weekend nights.

Over the top specials help, too. If you work in Vegas, you understand that authentic and
awesome food and affordable do not always go hand in hand here.
Ask around where the locals eat. You can find some amazing gems especially in our “regional”
true Mexican food scene, so find the best Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas. Ole!